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Wind Surfing
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Our Terms & Conditions

Guests should read and understand all of the Terms and Conditions mentioned in this Disclaimer.

  • Guests should use the water sports equipment only in the designated area, as informed by the water sports instructor and understand that failure to do so may result in interruption and cancellation of the activity.

  • Guest should wear the buoyancy jacket with the hire period.

  • Guest is responsible for all damages and/or cost of repairs that occur to the equipment within the hire period that is caused by their misuse of the equipment. 

  • Min. age for participation is: Boat cruise: 2 yrs (with parent aboard); In boat during water activity: 5 yrs; Inflatable ride: 7yrs; Non-motorized: 3yrs; all other activities 16 yrs.

  • Guest will be charged for the full standard rate as stated, even if the hirer chooses to terminate the ride early for any reason.

  • Blue Safari reserves the sole right to refuse entry and/or restrict access to any individuals.

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